The karate athletes of Amity School – After School Karate Program earned 5 gold, 5 silver and 3 bronze medals, total of 13 medals in the USA National Karate Championships. It was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on July 12 through15 2012. It was the biggest National Karate Championship in its history where 1,486 competitors and approximately100 karate clubs participated.  All of the participants came there to win, however only the best ones managed to be honored by going home with actual medals.


These kinds of results are clearly derived from the hard work and commitment of the student’s and their tireless teacher. Sensei Meral Olmez, the student’s coach, herself is a World Champion in Karate four times. Her commitment to excellence clearly reflects on her students’ enthusiasm and dedication.  They are self-motivated and take great pleasure and pride in their achievements.

The devotion of the students at Amity is the perfect blend of academic and extracurricular activities. The young ladies had an outstanding opportunity to participate in the national competition which was fully sponsored. The student’s age varied from 6 year old to 18. What an amazing start of a career. Opportunities like that clearly set Amity apart in terms of jump starting a lifetime of achievements.  In addition, right after students competed in Fort Lauderdale they flew to attend pre-college programs at some of the most prestigious schools in the US, such as Harvard University, Junior State of America at Georgetown and Fordham University. It is amazing to see how much impact private education has on maximizing each student’s potential. All of the students are definitely on the way to stardom.  It is going to be very interesting to see how successful they will be in the near future.

It is undeniably a remarkable accomplishment for the Amity School Karate Team in their first USA National Championship. Although the team members are at the beginning of their journey to being best athletes in the world, they unquestionably achieved tremendous accomplishments in this most prestigious karate championship in the USA. We congratulate all of the competitors, who represented Amity.  

Here are the names of the medalists:

Gold Medalists:

1- Elif Yargic (Kata)
2- Nursema Gunduz (Kata)
3- Elif Yargic (Kumite)
4- Nursema Gunduz (Kumite)
5- Mucella Bursal (Kumite)

Silver Medalists: 
1- Izabella Bajraktarevic (Kumite)
2- Mucella Bursal (Kata)
3- Hayrunnisa Kalac (Kata)
4- Zeynep Kurt (Kumite)
5- Emine Ustundag (Kumite)

Bronze Medalists: 
1- Sarah Marin (Kata)
2- Zeynep Kurt (Kata)
3- Hayrunnisa Kalac (Kumite)