Valentine’s Day is a holiday spent with you showing your love to the people around you. The typical picture coming to people’s minds is a sweet day with your boyfriend/girlfriend, eating chocolate. But we wanted to do something different as the Helping Hands club. We were right next to a nursing home, and decided that we should pay them a visit. So we made cards, bought flowers and chocolate to go there. We were greeted with warm smiles, and saw even more when we spent time with them, gave them our gifts, and talked with them. Some of them shared their past experiences, while others just talked about anything. They were excited and happy to see us, asking us to come again soon. With the reaction and feeling I saw there, I felt bad that was the first time I went there. It was important to remember and respect our elders, and not just wait for a holiday to show them that. I hope and plan to go again, this time with even more people. We should always show everyone around us we love them. There is no date, age, or time that should limit this! This was what I understood from our short yet fun trip.