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Brooklyn Amity School Campus

Amity campus spans over four floors and is located in a lovely neighborhood with iconic views of the Sheepshead Bay Marina.  Every class offers the newest generation of smart boards and allows the students to be stimulated with various aspects of multimedia. The campus often compared to a college campus by many of its visitors who are very pleasantly surprised at the beauty within. With spacious classrooms featuring custom made desks and office chairs students find a comfortable and welcoming learning environment.

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New York City

Amity’s students have the advantage of living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city has amazing resources for our students and they take full advantage of living so close. Day trips, seminars at the UN, museums of all kinds of interest and speakers from all trades and professions opening up broad opportunities for growth and intellectual stimulation in an ever-changing global environment.

The possibilities are absolutely endless.

Outstanding Education in NYC

As an international school in an international city our students all are a mere microcosm of the society in which they exist.  Amity’s students have the potential to be anything and go anywhere. Here at Brooklyn Amity School they are not just near New York City, they are New York City.

Brooklyn Amity is a very unique school that presents rare opportunities that results in very highly motivated students who have a clear vision and goals that they would like to achieve.

Review by an Amity Parent,, September 21, 2014:

My daughters have been attending Amity School for 3 years now. Small classroom size, caring environment, staff and admin’s helpfulness make it feel more like a family. When my girls are back home, they begin planning for the next day immediately. When I go there myself, they make me feel like a part of a large family. I know that my kids are in a safe and welcoming environment and that I do not have to worry about them, which was always the case when they were in public school. At first, it may feel like, why pay for school while you could get it for free, but Amity School is very much worth it.

Where the dreams are built.

As soon as you enter the school it is evident that the school offers a vibe like no other.   You are immediately surrounded by architectural state of the art design as well as a serene environment which directly correlates to the students’ success.   Anyone visiting the school is at awe of its beauty and safe and secure environment where the students can fully concentrate to growing to their full potential.  The school is filled with smiling students who are clearly happy to be attending the school.  At times, it is obvious that the students love the school so much that they want to stay at school as long as they possibly can.  They spend countless hours preparing for competitions, participating in various after school programs such as After School Karate Program, music, Science Bowl, SAT Preparation etc.  This campus does not just have a building; it is a school with great aspirations where dreams are built.  Everyone is constantly working toward success, and as you may already know attitude is contagious.

Sports Court and Middle Garden

Outdoor Area

The younger students can take advantage of a playground which is located directly by the school.  It is a great way for them to have fun outdoor in a very safe environment.  The older students on the other hand, can take advantage of the tables outside and enjoy the outdoor while eating lunch or doing their homework.  In addition, there is a multipurpose court which serves the students on a daily basis in order to allow them to have fun outdoor.  This intimate campus provides areas for students to grow cognitively, physically and socially.  There is no question about the fact that this is the best that private education in New York City has to offer.


Student Center

In addition, the student center offers the students to work in a vivid colored environment with books surrounding them in order to stimulate the sense of accomplishment.  This is a great space for the students to unwind and also work on their daily workload of academics in order to reach their ultimate goals.  At Amity there is a clear sense of college stimulating environment where going to college is not an option but a necessity.


Science Labs

The Science Labs enable the students to experience science first hand.  They are often encouraged to participate in hands on activities which allows them to truly learn and understand their subject better.  The classrooms are filled with the latest and very best that science labs have to offer.  This results in students learning in depth with joy and clear focus on the ultimate goal of understanding.



Amity even offers its students the ability to excel in Martial Arts.  Through a World Champion 2 Times the students cheerfully rush to their Karate class in order to gain their composure just moments after.  It instills them with discipline and focus like no other.  The elite students who qualify for nationals and compete in the US Karate Federation Competition have the honor of preparing for the glorious moment at school by taking advantage of practicing at the beach which is located  only 5 minutes away from the school’s campus.


Mac Lab

Amity prides itself in an all new computer lab with all new Mac Computers.  In addition, there is a wireless access on the entire campus which allows everyone to have access and benefit from what the World Wide Web has to offer.


Tune in Music
Amity School students are encouraged to find their voice not just in their daily classrooms but also in our music program where even the shyest students are inspired to play a musical instrument, sing or dance and have fun.

The music program at Brooklyn Amity School is as broad and diverse as the population it serves. Students are exposed to a wide range of musical genres while exploring music theory and instruments from around the world. Sparked by the musical genius and enthusiasm of veteran teacher Ali Kahya, students are enthused to pursue their dreams on the stage and behind microphone. Every year Amity students have taken home a range of medals in both singing and spoken word categories at the International Language and Culture Festival. In addition, students perform vocally and instrumentally to songs from around the world in Amity’s quarterly concerts.

No dream goes unrealized with the resources and possibilities at Brooklyn Amity School.



Art has been at the core of human development since the beginning of time. Art principles are the basis for all cultural advancement, from architecture and design to language and aesthetics. Through its STEAM values, Brooklyn Amity School has chosen to place the same amount of importance on the arts as it would these other core subjects. An arts education at Brooklyn Amity School is well-rounded while focused and career oriented. Students are encouraged to develop the fundamentals of art, such as Element and Principals, and apply them to career-based projects in architecture, fashion design and a broad range of visual arts professions.

Students in Amity’s Advanced Placement Art course work daily to develop a complete college portfolio. This portfolio is then reviewed by the College Board and has the potential to gain them acceptance and college credit at universities across the country.

Edgar Degas states, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Come experience art at Amity and give your child the opportunity to open up the eyes of the world.


International Admissions
Brooklyn Amity School welcomes students from around the world to a unique multi-leveled program of intensive English language instruction that includes grammar, usage, writing, vocabulary, reading comprehension, literary analysis, oral communication and listening, coupled with courses in mathematics, art and physical education.


Coming Soon…

Currently Brooklyn Amity’s School Campus is in the process of expansion.  The new state of the art auditorium and gym is being built.  It is located directly behind the school and will feature the best that the modern architecture has to offer.   It will serve the students in order to allow them to further their goals and accomplishments.   It will feature retractable bleachers as well as retractable full size auditorium which is the newest architectural innovation currently only used in Belgium.   The architectural plan is ambitious, modern and is a great addition to the local community.

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