Again history was made on March 23, 2014. The 4th Annual ASO Karate Championship for USA National Qualifications was held in Long Island, New York. A single tatami was to determine the future of each of the 280 competitors, 47 of which who were Brooklyn Amity students. It was a record breaking number because BAS had surpassed its participants from the recent years. Along with their Sensei, Meral Olmez, 2 time World and European Champion, 30 dedicated supporters, they set out at the first sightings of sunrise as a team. Jitter and excitement spread like wild fire between the competitors. Even the sandwiches made by BAS’s chef could not suppress the butterflies fluttering in their stomachs. If it hadn’t been for the constant motivation and cheering on of the supporters everyone would be lost in their own anxiety. From the moment they loaded into the vans and stepped foot into the competition area they were inseparable. Many of the BAS competitors were beginners, it would be their first official karate match.  Their newly acquired techniques would be tested. Everyone moved as a team. From a bystander’s point BAS looked like a herd of sheep, dressed in their karate attire, moving from one tatami to another as their own competitors performed. Outsiders were astonished by their unity and enthusiasm as the day carried on. Exhaustion wasn’t an excuse. The makeshift arena, consisting of 5 tatamis, determined whether the qualified athletes would go onto the next series of competitions from July 8-11 in Reno, Nevada. In the end the BAS competitors walked out with triumph. Having received, 19 gold, 16 silver, and 28 bronze BAS was proud to have collected 63 medals. Each and every one of the BAS competitors performed with passion and dedication. The building was weak against the powerful echo of Zehra Abacioglu’s kia during her kata, the audience couldn’t snap out of the trance that Berkay Okyar’s reverse punches created, and no one could stand in the way of Eylul Aggez’s knife and blocks and Beyza Kurt`s Kata, Empi. After experiencing such a tremendous victory they are anxious to continue in hopes of receiving the USA National Champion title this following July.