During the cold winter months in Brooklyn, it is difficult to appreciate the beauty of freshly fallen snow. Brooklyn Amity School’s Ski and Snowboard Club is an excellent opportunity for students to spend precious time out of the city and put aside their busy lives in exchange for everything that winter sports have to offer. Brooklyn Amity has been running the Ski and Snowboard Club for two years now under the supervision of Ms. Olmez, Dean of Students. The beautiful slopes of Camelback Mountain provide a wide range of terrain for all skiing and snowboarding abilities. Brooklyn Amity Students, ranging from beginner to advance levels, are able to take advantage of lessons as well as rent ski and snowboard equipment on site. Brooklyn Amity School provides students with safe travel to and from the mountain and gives them bonding time with their peers and teachers. One of our very own team members, science teacher, Ms. Gavaz quoted “It has been a rich experience, in terms of bonding and trying something new, to ski with Ms. Olmez, Ms. Morris and a handful of students this winter. Will I go again? Absolutely!” Ms. Morris then went on to say “The mountain conditions were perfect and the weather was on our side as temperatures lingered around a sunny 32 degrees. I felt the best kind of tired at the end of the day and I can’t wait to go back again for this season’s last trip!” Ms. Olmez’s thoughts weren’t that far either as she also said “It was a great pleasure sloping down, going up on the lifts, sharing food, and traveling together with my colleagues Ms. Gavaz, Ms. Morris, the Art Teacher, and Amity students. Together we experienced both the warm sun rays on our backs and the freezing winter nights where hot chocolate was a must.  It was in these bitter sweet moments meshed together that made this trip a memorable one for me.” BAS – Ski and Snowboard Club is an excellent opportunity for students to stay active, master skiing and snowboarding skills, and experience the beauty of winter in New York.

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