Brooklyn Amity School – Snow Boarding and Skiing Club
It Provides Opportunities to Students that Other Schools Can Only Dream of.

On January 26 and 27, 2013, students of Brooklyn Amity School had an amazing opportunity to balance their often very challenging academic curriculum with astonishing athletic activities.  Ms. Olmez, the Director of Brooklyn Amity School`s Athletic Department, challenged the students to improve their snowboarding and skiing skills.  She carefully made all of the arrangements to take the students to the Camelback Resort in Poconos. As you may imagine it takes quite a lot of effort to organize such trip, but to Ms. Olmez it was a pleasure.  She did it with a smile and an open heart.  She truly cares about the students’ success and most of all their happiness.

It was amazing. The weather was cold, the sun was out and the snow was down and soft as if everything was welcoming us to their first trip.  The students had a chance to ski and snowboard two days in a row.  “It was a very successful trip in terms of skill improvement, mental relaxation and social interaction that were the main goals to accomplish.  I was very happy to see students’ connection with the beautiful nature. With this trip, students left all the stress that they went through with their college applications and final exams behind them.  The students were truly relaxed. It had to do with white mountains that give the feeling of indefinable happiness and freedom that athletes feel when they slope through the hills with unrestricted speed.  Students had a chance to get to know each other well, improve their skills and to boost their motivation and energy for the next semester. We are looking forward to welcoming even more students in the Snowboarding and Skiing Club and give them the same opportunity”, Ms. Olmez said.

The athletes must give special appreciation to Mr. Aydin, Director of the Brooklyn Amity School, without whom this trip would not be possible.  He personally made sure that everything would be running smooth in order to ensure that this adventure would be safe, secure and successful.

As you know Brooklyn Amity School is widely known for its amazing accomplishments in fields such as math and science.  However, comparing to other schools, it is very refreshing to see that Brooklyn Amity School recognizes the true value of success and delivering well-rounded education.  Last year we had a chance to witness the amazing accomplishments of our athletic department in Karate.

This time once again, our Athletic Department proved itself by going beyond any standard curriculum.  During their recent visit to Brooklyn Amity School even, NYPD Officers from the 61st Precinct were stunned at the fact that the school offers such wide variety of options to the students.  They were very pleasantly surprised and indicated that “other schools could only dream of such trips”.

Below you will find some of the thoughts of students who participated in this event:

“I would first like to thank the Administrators and Ms. Olmez for giving us such an opportunity of fun between my tedious schedule. It was very exciting skiing, something I like to do so much, with my friends and teachers.”

-Seleme Goncuoglu

“Our snowboarding and skiing club was so much fun, so I would like to thank Ms. Olmez and Brooklyn Amity School. I cannot wait for the next trip!”

-Berire Goncuoglu

“I would have never imagined to have a skiing and snowboarding club in our school. It was great to have a chance to do snowboarding with my friends. It was so cold that even the melted chocolate drops were freezing as it dripped from our hot waffles. I hope that this would be the very first but not the last trip of our club. I would like to thank everyone who helped us to create such a great club!”

-Elif Yargic