March 4th marked Amity’s AP art class’ second gallery exhibit. Students have been developing portfolios for the past 6 months of school. The AP requirements include a total of 24 images, 12 that show breadth and 12 which exhibit a concentration of either subject matter, material or a combination of both. This exhibit is the first time students have shown the work from the concentration portion of their portfolio. The AP requirements demand rigorous focus as students must create roughly one piece each week. Some examples of their concentrations include:

Betul Keskin (Age 17)- Women assuming male roles of power
Hande Bilek (Age 17) – Women’s hair styles reflecting animals
Nur Celik (Age 18) – Images created using small circles
Asya Baymaz (Age 17) Buildings in unrealistic environments
Mira Yeskendirova (Age 15) Buildings with natural elements incorporated
Zehra Abagioglu (Age 16) -Nature taking over various environments