Brooklyn Amity School was invited by the Brooklyn Chambers of Commerce in collaboration with Honorable Eric L. Adams, Brooklyn Borough President to attend a breakfast event with William J. Bratton, New York City’s Police Commissioner on January 15th, 2015 at NYU-Poly Pfizer Auditorium.
Carlo A. Scissura, Esq.  President and CEO of Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has made a proud introduction of many respected  business and community leaders who also included NYPD officials, such as Police Captains from the NYC precincts.  The ambiance was exceptional and to sum it up in one word “phenomenal.”  Putting such an event together is not an easy task, however it was done flawlessly in the most professional demeanor possible.  We applaud him for his progressive vision of stimulating and uniting Brooklyn and making it a stronger borough.
At the event Police Commissioner William J. Bratton spoke proudly about the diversity in New York City among the residents as well as the 35,000 police officers who are on duty. It was very impressive to hear his speak about the tremendous change that took effect in NYC since 1990, which resulted in a 70% overall decrease in crime.  Today, we feel safe and protected.  In addition, in response to the Borough President Eric Adams’ question he emphasized that educating each other about customs and acting in harmony is essential.   He also emphasized the importance of finding common ground and common sense.  The whole session was extremely informative and allowed all of the organizations present to view the progress of NYPD.  Going back to the days where Police Commissioner had started working at NYPD, there was 35 million dollars designated by Governor Cuomo in order to contribute to the initiative of significant reduction of crime.   There are many great initiatives that are coming to NYPD such as smart phones, camera systems and other high tech upgrades.  This will allow NYPD to improve communication, and safety through receiving alerts, etc.  Commissioner Bratton has also emphasized the importance of mentorship among the police officers.   As educators we know the tremendous value of learning from others.   It was an honor to be invited and learn how we can collaborate in order to open the dialogue and build a solid foundation of mutual respect and understanding.