Chief Chell from NYPD’s 61st precinct came to visit Amity School and give a talk to middle school students. After a detailed tour of the school, he was welcomed by hall of middle school students to give his speech. He informed the students on very important topics and events that have occurred in the recent past such as the 9/11 tragedy. The students were very passionate about this topic, and started asking the Chief personal questions like how he felt about it.
The chief was very welcoming and open to such questions and talked and confided in our students about his feelings and how it affected his job. When the students listened to him talking about how he was scared, they were very surprised, because he is a police officer and is carrying its name. But the students got to learn that even a police officer is a human being and has feelings and fears. The students continued with asking questions like since when he has been doing his job?” and how many hours he works in a day and can actually sleep? The Chief answered very kindly and suddenly one of the students was brave enough to ask the most important question that they all had been wondering about. He slowly raised his hand and asked in a low tone, “Have you ever shot somebody?” The room grew all silent and the Chief honestly told the kids that sometimes there are situations in which he has to use his gun. Naturally, the next question was about if they could see his gun. Chief Chell didn’t take out his gun from his belt so as to show just how dangerous it actually was. But he showed it while it was on him. When the question and answer session was over, one of the middle school students started to cry softly. When the Chief called on him and asked him why he was crying, he said because he had a question. The officer seemed heartbroken and nicely asked him to ask his question.
The child very seriously wanted to know if the Chief always eats donuts. This question came very unexpectedly and brought laughter from the grown ups, including Chief Chell himself. He told the curious student that he loves donuts and asked in return if he likes donuts too. The student, still hiccupping with tears, answered yes, and Chief Chell smiled and said that they are on the same page then.  The visit from Chief Chell was very informative for the students because they had a chance to talk to a real life police officer and were able to ask their curious questions. Amity School is very grateful to Chief Chell for taking the time out of busy schedule and providing the students with great inspiration.