Brooklyn Amity School is a college preparatory school, sending 100% of its graduating seniors to college. College guidance is an individualized process at BAS with the goal of producing the best possible match between each student and the college or university which best fits that student.

The High School college guidance program begins in freshman year as students are encouraged to build a strong foundation for college success. Students are offered counseling about curricular and extracurricular  programs, standardized testing, how best to approach the college admissions process.They are also encouraged to complete 40 hours of community service by the time of their graduation. At the end of their freshman year they take the Career Interest Profiler and receive counseling on their career options and opportunities. 4- year plans are ready at the end of their freshman year.

BAS students begin standardized test practice in their sophomore year. Both sophomores and juniors take the PSAT. In this way, each student has concrete information as plans are made for college admission testing. Typically, juniors and seniors will take either the SAT or ACT or sometimes both. Students at BAS are encouraged to complete a challenging curriculum, therefore have the option to take AP Classes starting their sophomore year. If a students has enrolled in an AP class or honors classes, they also take their SAT Subject Tests during their sophomore year.

Formal advising begins for students in the fall of junior year. It is at this point when guidance staff will collaborate with students and families to identify and investigate potential higher education options. Seniors are given individual guidance and direction with applications, interviewing, fulfillment of required testing, and financial assistance applications when appropriate.

BAS offers standardized test preparation for high school students.. Sophomores have SAT Math and Critical Reading, as well as college readiness class implemented in their curriculum. After school tutoring and study halls are also available for students. Additionally, BAS works with other testing companies to give more options to our students.