College Guidance

Brooklyn Amity School established a College Guidance Team with three Guidance counselors. Our team serves to approximately 100 high school students. National average ratio of counselors to students is 1:500. This means one counselor must assist 500 students to make class schedules, and guide them through the application process. The American Counseling Association and the American Counseling Association both recommend a minimum counselor to student ratio to be 1:250, with an ideal goal of 1:100.  Brooklyn Amity School has a ratio of 1:35, which is well beyond the National Goal. We are committed to providing a comprehensive college counseling program with personalized service to the students. Our goal is to help students identify colleges and universities that best match their needs and abilities. Our counselors assist the students throughout the college search and admissions process.

Please feel free to contact the College Guidance Department for any questions regarding the College Readiness at Amity.