From Brooklyn Amity School four students won gold medals and six students silver medals at the regional Science Olympiad.  Brooklyn Amity School is a private, independent, non-profit school whose mission is to make a significant contribution to the social and educational improvement of the community. Amity provides a rigorous and relevant, standard-based curriculum in a dynamic, specialized learning with emphasis on science, math, and technology.

Brooklyn Amity School is well known by its achievements in the academic competitions such as Robotics Competitions, Science Olympiads, Art Contests, Math Counts, Future City and Robotics competitions. Its accomplishments are well known within the community.

NYC Science Olympiad competition was held in Grover Cleveland High School on March 3rd where 240 students from 16 different schools competed in 21 different events. Brooklyn Amity School won two gold medals and three silver medals. Ms. Akoglu, Mr. Cubuk, Ms. Gavaz, and Mr Karabekmez spent a lot of time to prepare their students for the competition. One of the coaches said that this is a product of working hard before the competition. Once again, Brooklyn Amity managed to deliver consistent outstanding results. Amity coaches indicated that “this result proved that Brooklyn Amity will get even stronger next year.”

Science Olympiad is not only about winning medals, it is an excellent opportunity for our students to discover and develop their interest in science. During the preparation, students were required to do extensive research. It was brilliant chance to bring out the best in the students. The knowledge they gained from studying will last them a lifetime.

Sila Gecir, who won gold medal from Micro Mission and silver medal from Mousetrap, said that “Science Olympiad, in my opinion, is awesome, because it is fun and rewarding. At the beginning it’s just studying, which is a little boring but at the competition it really pays off. I have worked hard with Mr. Cubuk to build a mousetrap which is really complicated. We built one first it worked but we needed to build another one to get better result. I had very fun time with coaches and my friends during the study. I was not a really science person but Science Olympiad made me enjoy a lot.” Merve Karakas also said when you get close to the competition it gets really stressful but that makes it more fun, especially when you get medals, it is the best feeling ever”.

In addition, we applaud Rabiye Ayaz, Rabiye Ozturk, Betul Keskin, Nihal Catkal for their tremendous commitment and contributions. The all worked hard which resulted in bringing home gold and silver medals. Brooklyn Amity puts a great emphasis on a team spirit. High School students, Seda Bektas and Merve Gecir, gladly volunteered to help the teams throughout the day in order to boost the motivation of the participants and help them in every way they possibly could.

Rza Mollayev and Adis Bajraktarevic are 7th grade students who won silver medals. According to the young scientists, they think that they learned many things that they did not know before. The competition opened a horizon of knowledge that they were not aware of before. They hope that these advanced things will help them in the future. The boys said, “Science Olympiad also helps us to know what we want to do in the future:”

Brooklyn Amity School consistently excels in the Science Olympiads. Coaches have already started planning for next year and we look forward to see what great accomplishments are waiting ahead!