On Sunday, October 21st, 2012, Amity School high school students participated in the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk that was held at the Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Rising at sunrise to get to the park, Amity students wore all shades of pink and blended into the sea of participants in pink at the park. Students watched dance performances on stage and participated in the fun by dancing along. The survivors of breast cancer were announced and asked to line up at front to start the walk which was to be 3.5 miles long.

Before the walk began, Marty Markowitz, the Borough President of Brooklyn, New York, spotted the students of Amity School. Taking the megaphone into his hands, he said, “Amity school is here! One of the best schools in Brooklyn!”  He made the students proud to be an Amity School student. The walk was given a start and the students started walking 3.5 miles. Some shouted out ‘’Amity School!’’ for almost the whole walk showing their strong school spirit. Although they were exhausted, Amity students walked away from the walk with an awareness of breast cancer and an appreciation of all the efforts being put into finding a cure.

October 21, 2012

Reported by Zeynep Abacioglu