The Niagara Falls, also know as screaming water has a spectacular view. We visited this site, over the 4-day weekend. Hitting the road early on Friday morning (3 a.m.), arriving around noon, and spending the rest of the day exploring the great waterfall was a memory we will never forget. Although, it was tiring with 56 girls on a coach bus for 10 hours, our time on the bus was also fun, with the girls blasting music, dancing and singing along to it. All the junk food that you can think of was also available, so our diets became a no show.

Once we arrived, we got the opportunity to not only see, but also touch the waters spilling down from above, soaking us wet from head to toe on the Hurricane Deck! Prior to that, we rode on a boat touring us around the waterfall, which they called “Maid of the Mist”. In the midst of the blue water, there was a colorful, bright rainbow coloring the view. We received information on the history of the place with a ride on the trolley whose driver/tour guide was a very nice old man. The beautiful scenery made up for our exhaustion of long journey. After enjoying some of the night view too, we had to say good-bye to the Great Falls. Maybe it was the day’s exhaustion, but the beds were super comfortable, giving us a goodnight sleep and rest, which gave the energy to be able bear the road trip back!

All the girls had a great time, seeing a beautiful new place, taking load of pictures (mostly selfies for Instagram) and just having fun with our friends and dorm advisors. This was a trip we won’t forget- with the help of souvenirs we bought!


Fatma Betul Aydin