When most people think of science not everyone becomes ecstatic. That’s not what
Science Olympiad students think. Science Olympiad employs cross-cutting concepts in all its
standards-aligned events, building 21st-century skill sets essential to today’s science, technology,
engineering and math (STEM) workforce. There are 23 events each in Division B (middle
school) and Division C (high school), providing a platform for students to apply and display a
wide variety of talents, from design and prototyping to technical writing, to chemistry lab skills.
This year Brooklyn Amity had the chance to take part in Division C which allowed them to
travel to ivy league colleges such as Harvard, Yale, and Cornell University. Although they
faced many challenges the members of Science Olympiad won more than 5 medals at the
competitions. To these members Science Olympiad is more than just a club, it’s a team that
turned into a family. Even though it is ending soon they will always and forever be a science