On Monday, April 23, 2012, our students had an opportunity to meet our fellow assembly man. Our assembly man talked about how the government in United States works, but emphasized mainly on how the government in New York is. He gave a thorough explanation of the branches in the New York government. Student’s had an idea about the similarities between the branches of government for the United States and the New York State.

He gave meaningful examples from his experiences on how he became an assembly man, and what he did for his community. He got rid of an incinerator, which was damaging a community and affecting its people in bad ways. He strongly believes and recommends that one needs to do what he does to benefit others not for his/her own good. For example, if a person wants to become a senator he should become one to help his community, not for the money he can get out of it. Our assembly man was satisfied by the questions and comments our students had. He states the fact that he likes our school because our school is building relationships between other communities, which he thinks needs to be done by other schools too. He says that America is made up of different cultures and as a result people need to be considerate towards others and respect their customs because their customs help a person grow in many ways.