An Amazing Summer School Program by Amity School

Summers are just too long and can be very boring sometimes. Because, kids are usually idle at home: such as,
sitting in front of TV for long hours of the day or left on their own with an Ipad or computer
games. As a result, summer time could be very, very unproductive.

Amity School offers a brilliant solution:

A fun-filled Summer School program! A program that enhances learning, increases students’ self-confidence, sharpens their English language skills,
lets them have new friends and in many other ways helps them to spend the summer in a very
entertaining and educational way. Well, of course, parents highly benefit, too, as they know their
children are safe, learning and well-taken care of.
Our summer school program has been tailored and tested in Myanmar and Vietnam for over 10
years and the results were amazing: We had enrolled hundreds of students each summer. The
parents satisfaction rates were extremely high as indicated by the increasing demand every year.
When we offered the program in Vietnam in 2013 for the first time, parents loved the program
and couldn’t keep themselves asking “where have you been before?”
We call it

“FUN and LEARNING for kids, COMFORT for parents.”

No joke! Learning
should be always with a fun element whether in summer or in winter! Particularly for working
parents who need a safe harbor for their kids who can’t be left alone at home, Amity’s grounds
and program could be ideal: Leave them in the morning at Amity and pick them up late in the
afternoon as you are headed home after a busy day.
Here are the summer school program highlights:

From 2nd of July to 24th of August, an 8-week fun-filled educational enrichment program

For kids from 3 to 18 years old

An intensive English language program in the mornings

A full range of activities in the afternoons

Amity Teachers and the Assistant Teachers at Summer School Program

Half-Day, Full-Day Options for Summer School Program

Amazing Summer School Program, Amazing Promotion

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