The task is simple: build the tallest spaghetti tower in 45 minutes. The spaghetti challenge is a competition that depends on time, durability, strength, and length. Since our school had attended a similar competition in November at NYU, some of the students already had experience for the competition our school held on Friday, February 17th. Each of these knowledgeable students became team captains, and worked with their team members to construct the highest structure they could. Teams were given a pack of spaghetti, 47 gummy bears, and 45 minutes to complete the given task the best they could. It was an amusing and sociable event in which both students and teachers participated and engaged in. At the end of the challenge, team A won first place and team E won second place, and both will enjoy chocolate lava cakes as their rewards. Thank you to Mr. Colak for organizing this wonderful and competitive event!