Tuition Fee for Amity School 2018-2019

Education is often the largest expenditure a family has to make. You can be sure that an Amity education is a sound investment. As an independent private school, Tuition Fee and Scholarship at Amity can offer significantly lower than those of its private-school peers. And, Amity provides an academic program that stands with the best in the New York City. Amity promises reasonable Tuition Fee and Scholarship, with no compromise in quality. We call that a value.

Scholarships are available to promising students that have proven their academic superiority over the years. These scholarships are in the form of tuition and dorm fee discounts. BAS uses GPA of the students as the main criteria for scholarships. That’s explained with the fees for 2018-2019 in the table.

For any other International Inquiries: Please call us at +1-718-891-6100 or email us at for detailed tuition rates.

Tuition Fees for Amity School