Since its inception in 1999, Brooklyn Amity School has proudly supported hundreds of students in reaching their goals of higher education and achieving their dreams.

Amity School is the Gateway to Your Future.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose Amity School…

•    A safe, welcoming, nurturing and Positive Environment
•    Located in the heart of New York City. Take advantage of everything the City has to offer
•    Be a part of the Amity Family of selected students
•    Small School Size with 8:1 student-teacher ratio

•    Challenging Curriculum with Honor & Advanced Placement Classes
•    Enrich Yourself through domestic and international community services
•    Explore Yourself with enrichment classes, extra curricula and after-school activities
•    Superior College Guidance with 100% College Acceptance Rate. Simply exceptional
•    Outstanding Internship Programs. Experience the real world in government and private sector
•    Attend College Summer Classes at universities such as Harvard, Columbia and Georgetown