Throughout the year, the girls of Young Peace Builders were able to break the “wall” between Judaism and Islam by volunteering, engaging in dialogue, and hosting events. For the sake of spring break, a special organization for the club was necessary. How about taking a trip to one of the most historic and significant cities in the country? From April 14th, to April 16th, a group from Kings Bay Y and the girls from our school went to Washington D.C. to relax and have fun. During the trip, the team explored the Lincoln Memorial and other monuments by riding bikes, visited several museums including the Hirshhorn Museum and the National Air and Space Museum, and admired the sight of Washington’s beautiful buildings. The girls also visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where they learned more about the Holocaust, its survivors and toured Daniels Room, an exhibition for children. Overall, the trip gave the girls a chance to know each other more, take a break from the exhausting school life, and learn more about the two distinctive cultures. We hope our next destination will be Israel, or Turkey, where the traditions of each culture can be understood furthermore!